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This year we visited Santa early.  Kyle was so excited, Taylor...not so much!  She loves to wave to him, but anything closer, no thank you.  I sat her on his lap and ran, screaming and all, I couldn't just have a pic with Kyle.  At least this year we got a man that actually looks like Santa!

The Night Before...

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What a great book, in fact, we even have 2 copies.  But for some reason I cannot get myself to open it up tonight.

Tomorrow is Kyle's first day of Kindergarten.  I'm excited, scared, overwhelmed, and he is perfectly fine.  He keeps telling me "I'm not going to cry Mama."  Just looking at the cover of this book makes me want to burst into tears, which is why I will be wearing the biggest pair of sunglasses known to man at drop-off.

When he started preschool 2 years ago he hardly spoke, now he won't stop, so it is exciting to see how much he will flourish in a new school.  My old school in fact...St. Gregory's. 

You are so tall now, finally filling out, we've had a wonderful summer hanging out every day.  We've been to Disneyland, Lake Tahoe, paddle boating, jet skiing, beaches, zoo's, and my favorite place, hanging out in the backyard with our water toys and popsicles.

We've shared a million laughs, some tears, and have had some new adventures such as learning to ride a glider bike, a motorcycle, swim school, and discovering Legos.  Wishing you the best year ever, Taylor and I will miss having you at home every second of the day.  Love, Mama

Last Day of Summer 2012

14 months old

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Dear Taylor,

Your 14 months old now, and so much has changed...

You love to fake laugh,
your very ticklish,
you'd rather be outside playing with scooters, motorcycles, and running away from us then being stuck indoors,
you would rather ride your brothers ATV then your own...such a daredevil,
you love to be held and you think your Papa is your personal chariot,
you know how to wave and say "hi" and "bye"(with a Texan accent),
you like to fake talk on the phone,
you adore your brother eventhough he has problems sharing his toys,
you know how to point your finger and say "no, no, no, no",
you love strangers and people watching and are always ready with a big smile on request,
you love milk more then food,
you would rather steal food from someone elses plate then eat from your own,
you know how to draw,
you can't sit still in one spot for more then 30 seconds,
you follow Mama around the house all day long,
you haven't quite mastered how to blow a kiss but know how to hold your hand up to your mouth and make a kissing sound,
you know how to open your mouth on demand to show us your new teeth,
you don't know what a crib is (ughhh),
you do not like to sleep and miss anything exciting!

You are just so smart and funny, I love you so much.
Love, Mama

So Grown Up

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Saturday we took the kids to that dreaded place known as Picture People.  It actually ended up being a great experience but it definitely reminded me how fast time is flying bye.  Here is Kyle at 4 1/2 years and Taylor at 9 1/2 months.  

Happy Halloween!

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My How Time Flies

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I was feeling a little crafty one day...ok fine, I was feeling a little desperate one day when I saw that my friend was thoughtful enough to order month old stickers for her little boy.  We had a photographer coming three days later and I desperately went on the search for those cute stickers, apparently they aren't available anywhere but online, so I decided to improvise.  

Did you know "improvise" also means "ghetto"?

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